Tekstje in het Engels:

The basic value of Ressies Redesign is seeing potential in people and materials. Waste is not useless and we do not believe in useless people either. Ressies gives people and materials a second change ánd a ‘second’ life.

By upcycling new products from left over materials and manufacturing these at local social firms, all parties involved can be proud of their Ressies: the people who make it as well as the people who buy and wear it.

“Honest, clean and happy” is the motto that we try to live by every day.

Our 100% UPCYCLED Ressies ponchos and other products provide an ‘Honest, Clean and Happy’ alternative and reduce the impact on the environment.

Buying a Ressies poncho you save wasting 20,000 liters of water, 1 KG of chemicals and 23 KG of carbon emissions.

We try to post new poncho’s every month….